Daily and Weekly Sample Routine for a Complete Restructuring of your Consciousness

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Daily Routine   Greet the morning with Presence: remember why by reading yesterday’s reflections record and interpret the feelings felt in dreams feel the fulfillment of every desire for the day For atleast 5 mins improv Expression Allow for un-conditional loving spontaneity Orange: Heal healthily begin a balanced day. Sensual Stretch + completely exude physiology on the way to sunrise: Fully awaken, rest and witness the rising of the sun. Red: Sing in shower: Improv songs that pertain to why message entire body abiyanga while you listen to your booster…read more


Join us for Permaculture Yoga Retreat Heaven

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If you’re like us, you want to live a pure lifestyle with those who rapidly learn the arts and science of integrated systems of living and restoring our ancient ecosystems to their original harmony. If you’re like us, you want to help by applying what you learn in a very real and direct way in order to enable all life to enjoy the bountiful effects of peaceful love and pure and ideal air, shelter, clothing, water, and food. If you’re like us, you are a community builder who insists always…read more