Events that Evolve Earth

evolveEarth Transformational Multi-Cultural Arts Festival Sept 26th and 27th

What if you came to co-create at evolveEarth farmasee as the alchemists of the universe to gather and ring in the best of that this life has to offer?

This year’s festival is supporting the multi-cultural arts as a form self-expression as a form of alchemy for the sol.  Music will be transformative , powerful, and soul-full.

Food will nourish the soul so that we may amplify what is good in us all.

Imagine experiencing the best entertainment on the fire dancing Permaculture farm of your dreams.

Imagine dancing your soul in a holistic way with:

The Fairtown Ramblers

Andy Toepel and friends – probably you!

Dj TantricUnity

DJ Raja E-Man


as Dragons with Matches performing Fire Breathing Beings of Lights.

Learn about the Universal Patterns of Vedic Wisdom.

What is Sol Alchemy Yoga?

What do you imagine it would be like to do laughing Acro-Yoga Dance?

Go on a Yoga Therapy Permaculture Tour?

Experience the Divine in Feminine Sacred Circles

Learn Permaculture design with living soil and re-enlivening the earth with beneficial organisms for holistic food systems?

Experience the deepest most sustainable self healing through energy work by Dorothy Rowe?

Discover the Alchemical Crystal and use powerful gemstone elixirs.

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Tickets available soon! Volunteers needed.